NAMAR (Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of Realtors) Expo

The NAMAR Expo (May 19th 2009) was a great success. I am pretty sure we talked to 300-350 Realtors and Brokers throughout the day about Search Connect. Search Connect is a new application that you add to your website as an RE agent that involves 3 great features; Property Search, Simple CRM, and Lead Capture. Even though we talked to a lot of RE folks, there are plenty of great Realtors and Brokers (in the GA area) that were not able to make it to the Expo for whatever reason and I am sure they are just aching to know what had to say at NAMAR. Well lucky for all you internet junkies, I am going to share with you what we were saying.

The Pitch

I had the great honor of working with Ned Watson, COO of, along with Matt Fagioli and Nick Underwood of Diamond Dwellings. We all shared in the responsibility of  manning the booth throughout the day to inform NAMAR Expo attendees of this great product. But anyone that has ever worked a booth at a trade show knows, you need to have a great pitch. So what was our pitch?

We had a few…

*WARNING* —– you are about to be underwhelmed with baseball metaphors—–

“The Fastball”

This is old faithful right here. “The Fastball” represents Property Search, or rather, a FREE Property Search engine for realtor’s/broker’s websites.

Here is an example of Matt Fagioli’s website with Property Search built in exactly how you would see it on any agent’s site:

Diamond Dwellings

Diamond Dwellings

One of the most important aspects of Search Connect is that Property Search is included in your free account as well as every other account type .

“The Slider”

“The Slider” is used to compliment “The Fastball”. In this case “The Slider” represents a Simple CRM (Client Relationship Manager). The CRM is a great tool for agents and brokers to keep up with all of their contacts. It gives you the ability to store information about all of your clients e.g. phone numbers, email addresses, home and business addresses, notes and more.

Here is a screen shot displaying Search Connect’s CRM contact list:

CRM List

CRM List

“The Changeup”

This pitch takes you by surprise. “The Changeup” represents Lead Capture and it takes you by surprise because there has never been a Lead Capture that allows you to communicate with anonymous visitors the way Search Connect does. Imagine being able to engage with users who visit your site without forcing them to register as soon as they try and save a property or experience any real value… Search Connect does just that. It empowers you to send messages to your anonymous visitors as well as view their search history. Now you know where they are looking to buy, roughly the price range, as well as the the type of home.

Here are some screen shots of how an agent would track an anonymous visitor:

Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Here are some screen shots of what your site visitors will interface with using Search Connect:

Property Search Message

Property Search Message

You will notice we dont force them to register but we do limit the amount of time their info will be saved for.

I know what you are thinking, “You said the Property Search is FREE, how much for CRM and Lead Capture?”

Well the pricing plans are shown here:

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

So that was “The Pitch” at NAMAR (okay, no more shameless baseball metaphors). Please check out the website and get your free account if you haven’t yet:

Keep an eye out for the next post where the topic will be: RE BarCamp Philly

Our founder and CEO David Carroll is on a plane as we speak (unless he was bamboozled like Brad Nix was).

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